Event Reports

Glamourcon 39

August 26-27, 2006
Chicago, IL

Report by John Chennavasin

The Chicago Glamourcon is always worth a visit for the serious Playboy collector. Playboy International Publishing brought a good selection of foreign Playboy magazines and calendars. The main attraction at Glamourcon continues to be models, Playboy Playmates, and Penthouse Pets.


Mark Daughn from Mystique Magazine and gave a brief overview on how to effectively work with models during his workshop on Saturday.

Steve Nichols also offered workshops where attendees can photograph models and Playboy Playmates in a studio setting.

Noteable Outfits

This outfit is great for showing off cleavage, although tape or glue may be needed to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. In fact, Deanna Brooks's outfit was held together with tape.

Alex Del Monacco and Natalie Nicole were very undressed at this Glamourcon.

See you at the next Glamourcon in November! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures from this show.